The Birthplace of Poet Jonas Mačiulis-Maironis

Places to Visit

People, travelling from the birthplace of the famous Lithuanian poet Maironis to his parents’ homestead, will pass a romantic alley of birches, the spring of Maironis, small rivers of the Luknė and Sandrava. All of these were the inspirations of the lyrics of Maironis. The foundation of the house, the widest in Lithuania well with a sweep and the building used for storing agricultural implements are the main exhibits. The Raseiniai Region History Museum carried out the project of adaptation of the Pasandravys historical reserve for cultural and educational needs. With the help of new technologies and artistic solutions, an interesting environment of cultural cognition has been created. The installation “Pasandravys manor” recreates the exact contour of the native Maironiai manor building. A stone barn from the 19th century has been arranged in the Pasandravys manor. With the help of video projections, the thoughtful Maironis is “reborn” in the barn and well.

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