Birthplace of the Poet J. Mačiulis-Maironis, Pasandravys Historical Reserve

Places to Visit

The poet J. Mačiulis-Maironis was born in the manor of Pasandravys (Astrauskas), several years of his childhood were spent here, the first impressions of the knowledge of nature and the world were also formed there. The foundations of the native manor have been preserved in Pasandravys as well as a lever well with an impressive-sized stone rent and a restored stone masonry pavement. A kilometer-long footpath connecting the home and the birthplace, planted with oaks, decorated with chapel pillars and roof pillars, crosses the winding streams of Sandrava and Lukne. It’s very beautiful here all year round.

After a 15 minute long walk, you will reach Bernotai, the homesteads of Maironis‘ parents and sister. The old garden, the pine planted by Maironis, the original ice cream parlor, remind us of the poet’s youth. A museum has now been established in Maironis’ sister’s house. While living in Kaunas, Maironis often visited Bernotai, walked around his favorite places, and visited the banks of the Dubysa river near Betygala. Maironis’ parents are buried in the Cemetery of Betygala and his godmother Astrauskienė rests in the 1863 rebellion cemetery by the Luknė river.

In 2020, the Raseiniai Region History Museum implemented the project “Adaptation of the Pasandravis Historical Reserve to Cultural and Educational Needs”. With the help of new technologies and creative solutions, an interesting environment of cultural cognition has been created. The art installation “Pasandravio manor” is a restored precise contour of the native Maironiai manor building. A stone barn from the 19th century has been arranged in Pasandravys manor. With the help of video art projections, the thoughtful Maironis is “reborn” in the barn and well. The art installation “Maironis Parents’ House” is located in Bernotai. A space-melting visualization reproducing the building has been created.

Working hours:  II-VI 9:00 – 17:00h
Excursion manager Rita Paškauskienė
Phone number: +370 611 06 390

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