Lithuanian Partisan Memorial in Kryžkalnis

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The memorial consists of two important parts.

On the initiative of a participant of the Lithuanian resistance movement, priest A. Svarinskas, the Memorial of Kęstutis District Partisans was established in Kryžkalnis. The 15-meter-high chapel with the 19-meter-high cross, symbolizing faith and respect to those who died for the freedom of Lithuania was built here in 2018. Panels with the names and battle-names of 1137 Kęstutis district partisans have been installed next to the chapel. The main accents of the chapel are the sculpture of priest A. Svarinskas, created by A. Kmieliauskas, and the slogan of partisans, partisan prayer and “National Anthem” on the walls. Each visitor can ring the built-in seven bells.

The author of the project is architect Virginija Baškienė.

The memorial to the killed and tortured Lithuanian partisans and liaison officers was unveiled on 20 September 2020 in Kryžkalnis, Raseiniai district. The memorial commemorates the Lithuanian partisans and their supporters who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Lithuania in the post-war fight against the Soviet occupants. The memorial consists of a 25-meter-tall sword obelisk, a memorial wall with the names of 20,000 dead partisans carved in Vytis cross-shaped steles, a tribute square with the tomb of an unknown partisan.

The authors of the project are sculptor Tadas Gutauskas and architect Saulius Pamerneckis.

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