The Museum of Betygala

Places to Visit

The locals commemorated in the exposition of the history of Betygala: graphic artist Jonas Kuzminskis; sculptor Juozas Grabauskas; priest, painter Pranas Šniukšta; poet Juozas Nekrošius; writer Jonas Mačiukevičius; other famous people of this region and their works. The geological exposition includes samples of minerals, rocks, fossils, shells (about 1800 exhibits) from all over the world. The original exhibits expand and consolidate the knowledge of geology, geography and biology, stimulate curiosity, the desire to know what is under our feet, in a pile of gravel or a riverbed. These exhibits were collected by the museologist, historian and geographer Marijona Birutė Navakauskienė, therefore her stories are especially interesting, supplemented by travel impressions. Working hours: II – VI 8.00–16.00 VII 8.00–15.00 Museologist Marijona Birutė Navakauskienė Tel. +370 652 35 803
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